Hanfparade 2000, 19. August, Berlin

millenium is for legalize globaly

Dear hemp-friends,

in less than 2 weeks the HANFPARADE2000 (hemp parade 2000) will lead through the German capital again. It's the fourth time now. On Saturday, 19th of August we meet around 2 p.m. at the Alexanderplatz for the biggest European hemp event. http://www.hanflobby.de/hanfparade/2000/pic-start.html

The final open air after the parade will start around 4 p.m. at the "Strasse des 17. Juni" right infront of the famous "Brandenburger Tor" (Brandenburg Gate) with a lot of hemp goods and a big main stage for speeches and performances: http://www.hanflobby.de/hanfparade/2000/pic-abschluss.html

By the way - still we're looking for some companies that might be interested in doing some advertisement at our main stage. So far we'll have banners from Smoking Papers (Spain), Udopea (Germany) and Trend Center (Switzerland). A square meter advertisment "on stage" costs 300 DEM this year... PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ADVERTISING.

We're happy that the media response is extremly positiv this year - all daily newspapers already announced the event and will do again next week. All city magazines feature the parade and the hempy after hour parties so that we expect a lot more people for the HANFPARADE than appeared last year. Even the biggest Berlin internet event service (www.berlin.de) meanwhile things of the hemp parade as a "top event": http://www.berlin.de/home/KuF/Redaktion/Topevents/hanfparade.htm

What will make the parade attractiv to the people? We hope, that in the first hand they come to fight hemp-prohibition. And to make this an enjoyable thing we arranged like the years before the "market of opportunities" offering the wide range of hemp products on about 150 stands. We'll have an information areal about the several uses of industrial hemp. The speakers corner will try to get opinions out of everybody - just like at Hyde Park in London. The "Tour de Hanf" will come from Switzerland to Berlin the 3rd year now. These bicyclists like to show that beeing a "pothead" does not necessarily means - not being a sportsman. If this isn't enough already ad 20 trucks with an individual program for the parade and ad the 10 biggest / most beautifull trucks for the final open air area and you might have a impression on what will go on here. If not - here are some photos of our last years event: http://www.hanflobby.de/hanfparade/99/fotos/

The total program of the main stage (including all artists and spokesman) with the correct playing times are here: http://www.hanflobby.de/hanfparade/2000/buehne.html

For more english information checks this one out: http://www.hanflobby.de/hanfparade/2000/akt-eng.html

If you would like to know who is officially sponsoring us already: http://www.hanflobby.de/hanfparade/2000/foerderer.html

We are always intersted in linking each others hempy websides: http://www.hanflobby.de/hanfparade/network/

    Please don't hesitate to contact me weekly inbetween 2 p.m and 8 p.m. by phone: 0049-30-29 49 02 01 or any time on my mobile: 0049-170-295 67 67

    Kindest regards,
    Martin Müncheberg
    on behalf of "Bündnis Hanfparade e.V."

    Bündnis Hanfparade e.V.
    c/o Hanf Museum Berlin
    Mühlendamm 5
    D-10178 Berlin


1. Pressemitteilung zur HANFPARADE2000


The date for the HANFPARADE'2000 is confirmed now:

It'll be the 19th of August when the biggest german Legalize!event takes place in the german capital again.

It's all about hemp - so why don't you come to

Alexanderplatz (Berlin/Mitte) at 2 p.m. (CET)

That's the appointment for all interested hempsters to participate...

This year the organizer of the event - the "Bündnis HANFPARADE e.V." - tries to involve the HANFPARADE2000 more into the international Legalize-scene.

We will organize a Legalize!demonstration as the german participation for the international Millennium Marijuanna March in Berlin at the 5th of May infront of the "Charlottenburger Schloss" in the Berlin city centre. And we've fixed the date for the HANFPARADE2000 that way because we know that there will be other international Legalize!action around:

13.-18.8. L.A. Smoke INN / Los Angeles

19.8. HANFPARADE2000 / Berlin

20.8. HEMP Fest / Seattle

We hope for more international hemp-events within the week from the 13th to the 20th August to promote the idea of legal hemp worldwide. We're working on improving our international contacts to hemp-activists around the globe so that this week in August 2000 could become a global hemp week. Because we think it's important to get connected we decided to use 2000 the parole:

Legalize it globally! HANFPARADE2000 - Zeig' Dich!

"Zeig' Dich!" means "Show up!" because it will be a political demonstration that demands total legalisation of any hemp-plant. It is the fourth year now that this demonstration marches through the Berlin city centre and every year some more people came to show up for legal hemp:

HANFPARADE'97: 5.000* - 50.000**(f.e. HIGHLIFE) hemp-lovers
HANFPARADE'98: 12.000* - 80.000**(f.e. OXMOX) hemp-lovers
HANFPARADE'99: 14.000* - 100.000**(f.e. A.D.N.) hemp-lovers

*official police-number
**highest number from an independent print-medium

So how many people do you expect to come this year? Come to Berlin and find out yourself! You've just been invited...

c/o Hanf Museum
Mühlendamm 5
10178 Berlin
Tel:(030) 247 20 233
Fax:(030) 247 20 234

Pressesprecher Martin Müncheberg:
Tel: (030) 29 49 02 01
Fax: (030) 29 49 04 37

PS: Bye the way - a big german TV and Radio network (MDR) asked their audience for the best happening / event / festival in 1999. We've been surprised that HANFPARADE'99 is Nr.2. The Roskilde Festival is Nr.1 and the Loveparade Nr. 3 - you don't believe it?

Check it out:

MMM: Let's link each other!

the "legalize globally!" network

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Näheres über das Bündnis HANFPARADE e.V. und vergangene Paraden: http://www.hanflobby.de/hanfparade/

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